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Tampa Bay Rants And Raves



Special edition – why Biden is the wrong choice


(With one month to go before Election Day, we present the numerous reasons why Joe Biden is the wrong choice to serve as our President.)

1. First and foremost, he will not be our President. Biden is so beholden to left wing causes that the troubles we’ve seen over the past several months in liberal climes like Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle willseem like a picnic.

2. He’s too old. Granted, Trump is no spring chicken. There are young 70-somethings and there are old 70-somethings. Biden is the later to the extreme. And, if God forbid, he is elected and passes away during his term, because of a politically motivated rather than rational choice, we would be stuck with a freshman Senator as our chief executive. America has never had such an inexperienced Veep take the reins and this is not the time to find out how that would look.

3. But let’s assume Biden is elected and does survive his term. Again, there are young and old 70-somethings and anyone who says Biden’s brainpower is not diminished is in denial (see TBR&R 9/6/20).

4. The Supremes. In TBR&R four years ago, we opined that the number one reason to vote for Donald Trump was a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Now comes the death of Justice Ginsburg; and a couple of her colleagues will likely need replacements in the next four years We, at last, have balance on the Supreme Court and you know Biden will do everything in his power to bankrupt that balance – he is ambivalent about “packing” the court as FDR unsuccessfully attempted in the 30s.

5. He will most likely try to resuscitate the failed Obama health plan – the either buy it or be taxed plan. It didn’t work then, and it won’t in 2021.

6. Speaking of Obama, Joe likes to attach himself to the former president’s coattails. We don’t know why. For example, Black unemployment doubled during the Obama administration. Even with Coronavirus, it has significantly rebounded during the Trump administration, but then so has every other employment segment.

7. While on the subject of employment, Biden was part of an administration that lost millions of jobs to overseas corporations during its eight years in office.

8. His “plan” to eliminate Coronavirus, whatever that plan is, will be moot as conditions on that front are improving daily.

9. Biden is proposing the largest permanent tax increase since World War II. That burden will fall on the middle class.

10. Speaking of the middle class, there is absolutely no way one can foresee a better standard of life over the next four years under a Biden administration – higher taxes, yes; higher standard of living – no.

11. That’s as in 11 million illegal immigrants to whom Biden wishes to grant amnesty complete with jobs and unearned benefits.

12. Then there is the old, tired “Trump’s going to eliminate your Social Security” argument. First, if he was going to do that, why hasn’t he done that? Second, and the answer to number one, he can’t without the consent of congress – who won’t do it unless they wish to be unemployed.

13. His hypocrisy – Biden touts his Catholic faith, yet is a staunch supporter of abortion and his running mate Kamala Harris, in the words of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, “is the most openly anti-Catholic bigot to be on a national ticket in modern times.”

14. Biden’s buddy, Mike Bloomberg, a failed candidate who pumped millions into his own campaign, is now trying to buy Florida for Biden with about $100 million. Footnote, Bloomberg’s enormous cash outlay netted him only American Samoa on Super Tuesday. It’s harder to buy votes in Florida and elsewhere than it might be in New York or Chicago.

15. Lastly, “Florida’s Best Newspaper” supports him as they have every Democratic Presidential candidate in the paper’s history. We always use FBN as a guide if we are undecided on a race. We simply vote for their endorsee’s opponent.

UP NEXT: Back to our regular programming!



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