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Tampa Bay Rants And Raves




TBR&R is a weekly airing of national and local politics, sports and lifestyle items from a very politically incorrect viewpoint. As always, beware - certain accounts printed here should not be taken literally.


The Landings golf course – yes or no?


Your humble blogger (and perhaps you as well) received a provocative polling call last week asking if Clearwater should allow some light industrial development where the Landings golf course now stands – just west of the Clearwater Airpark. The only recreation facilities falling on harder times than golf courses are bowling alleys. But you’re looking at approximately 45 acres of green space you can never get back – cue Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi (pave paradise and put up a parking lot). You will have a voice in this as the designation of open space, recreational lands in Clearwater is subject to a referendum. Clearwater needs jobs, but it also needs green space – a tough call – one that we all will have to make in the not too far future.


Great Tampa Bay, politics and stuff:


1. Quote of the week: “COVID has taken this year — just since the outbreak — has taken 100 year. Look, here’s…the lives…it’s just…I mean, think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years.” Joe Biden on the campaign trail last week, prompting one veteran commentator to say, “I like Joe Biden. But there’s a reason they’ve kept him hidden in the basement. This is hard to watch.”

2. Second Quote of the Week: “I served on the mission to capture Saddam Hussein. @SpeakerPelosi, I know what an enemy of the state is. Do you?” Tennessee US Rep. Mark Green replying to Pelosi’s ridiculous comment that President Trump is an enemy of the state.

3. Number of the Week: $1.7 million dollars. The amount of money spent thus far by the state of Florida grappling with the felons’ voting mess created by a poorly executed Amendment 4 on 2018’s ballot.

4. Medical marijuana will now be available in forms like candies, cookies and other taste treats. Can’t see anything going wrong with that plan.

5. Another institution falls to political correctness and knee-jerk reactions. Dixie Hollins High School founded over six decades ago and named for Pinellas County’s first Superintendent of Schools has had its name and team name changed. Mr. Hollins, a very progressive educator, had as much to do with the Confederacy as you or me. Perhaps we need to voice our displeasure in future school board elections.


Sports, media and other stuff:


6. The Nall family lost its matriarch last week. Barbara Nall, who died at age 87, was one of the sweetest, kindest human beings in this world. For over two decades, she was a fixture at Kennedy Middle School. Our condolences go to her husband of 65 years, Carroll, and their sons Andy and Scott.

7. If you ever in your life doubted where Google is on the political continuum, do this: search Fox News and one of the first things you’ll see is a piece titled “What’s wrong with Fox News?” No such entry when you search ABC, CNN or NBC or any other left-leaning news organizations.

8. 311 – the number of wins primarily for the Mets and Reds in the career of Tom Seaver. The Hall of Famer died last week at age 75.

9. Several years ago, Major League Baseball instituted a rule that protected catchers from being “blown up” by a runner coming from third. As a former wearer of the tools of ignorance, we appreciated the rule. The caveat was the catcher could not block the plate without possession of the ball. That part of the rule is now roundly ignored prompting one respected major league manager (and former catcher) to say,“They need to take that off the book and just start blowing up catchers again." If the prohibition of blocking the plate without the ball is disregarded, we agree.

10. From the latest edition of the 5:05 Newsletter: “Chicago to limit looters to 25 per store.”


MLB has but one month to go!


As we write this, most major league teams have completed half their seasons (30 games) and there are less than a half dozen teams that have no chance to make the “come one, come all” playoffs. Pittsburgh is the only NL team to have buried themselves. In the weaker American League, Boston, Kansas City, Texas, Seattle and the Angels are out of contention. There has been a power shift this year with the NL West possibly having four playoff teams. The World Champ Nats are in jeopardy of not making the dance. The power division in the AL is the Central with the Indians, White Sox and Twins all in play for post season. The most surprising team in the AL is Oakland winning two out of every three games while the NL’s Marlins are hanging tough in a division where everyone picked them fifth. Teams not in first place but well could be at the finish are the Yankees who eventually will get well and in the NL, the Phillies who seem to have patched their one glaring weakness – their bullpen. Best move at the odd August 31st trade deadline would seem to be San Diego’s acquisition of ace right-hander Mike Clevinger. But San Diego has a reputation of moving around a whole lot of bodies (well over a dozen this time) with negligible results. As for the local nine, most baseball experts give them a D or F for their trade deadline moves (or lack of).

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