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Tampa Bay Rants And Raves




Florida’s proposed amendments a waste of ballot space


There are a dozen amendments on next month’s ballot – way too many. Virtually all of them, save one, should be voted down – especially the onerous Amendment Four that grants convicted felons the right to vote. There is a process in place to restore released felons the right to vote – on a case by case basis – not willy-nilly like Amendment Four. The other ten (one was thrown off the ballot) have all sort of unintended consequences attached and are not needed. The exception is Amendment Six that strengthens our court system and allows sitting judges to serve another five years if they choose although most don’t. But more importantly, it strengthens the rights of victims of crime who so often come off as defendants in trials which should never, ever happen.


Great Tampa Bay, politics and stuff:


1. The Trump administration suffered a large set back with announced departure of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. It adds another reason to last week’s lead article on avoiding public service (TBRR 10/7/18). It is not for folks with less than sizeable incomes who have to put kids through college. Haley’s departure leaves a large vacuum at the UN.

2. We recently dumped Verizon after some twenty years because they wouldn’t work with us on a new plan. Even if they had, their moving thousands of jobs offshore would have clinched the deal.

3. Breaking news: “Florida’s Best Newspaper” endorses Gillum for Governor continuing their unbroken string of never endorsing any Republican for Governor - or President. When you look back at some Democratic candidates over the years, that speaks volumes about the paper’s credibility.

4. A few more folks rightfully lost their jobs in the aftermath of the Clearwater Parks and Rec scandal (TBRR 8/5/18); but the overall outcome is just a slap on the hand for several culpable officials at City Hall.

5. You’ve lived in Clearwater a long time if you dined at (and, like us) really miss the Flagship Restaurant.


Sports, the media and other stuff:


6. How ‘bout those 6-0 USF Bulls!

7. The word out of Chicago is that Joe Madden’s act has worn thin with the front office, and 2019 will probably be his last as Cubbies’ manager.

8. Madden’s successor in Tampa got a well-earned extension. But we’re not sure some of Kevin Cash’s gimmicks, especially starting relievers, will stand the test of time.

9. The NFL is quickly morphing into the Arena Football League with its unrealistic roughing the passer and other anti-defense rules. Nobody likes 7-3 games, but no one wants “last one with the ball wins” contests either. Changes are needed.

10. Idle thought: Why is it that just as you master a piece of technology, it becomes obsolete? Our guesses begin with Apple and Verizon.


A coda to all this strong mayor talk



“Florida’s best newspaper ran a piece some weeks back on possible candidates to become Clearwater’s first strong mayor. This assumes the citizens of Clearwater approve such a measure. We strongly believe they will not. But if logic is ignored, the problem with the list is two-fold. Better than a third of the people mentioned don’t even live in Clearwater (and not a mention of Alex Sink). Another third aren’t qualified for such an undertaking and the first and second lists overlap in some cases. Plus two or three of the suggestions are downright scary. Hopefully November will put all this nonsense to rest for at least a decade.

Next Week: The death of civility; dream jobs – sort of



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