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Tampa Bay Rants And Raves




Why in the world would you choose public service?



Light years ago, your humble blogger decided to run for office. Being an absolute novice, we engaged the services of a well-respected expert in the field. After warning her she was not getting the sharpest pencil in the box, we assured her that our business engaged in no shady practices and there were no girlfriends out there. Her response was simple – “It doesn’t matter, they’ll make it up”. Never were truer words spoken. Over six years in office, we suddenly obtained a “girlfriend” and, along with our fellow public officials, was caricatured with money hanging out of our pockets. Our long-suffering bride knew the “girlfriend” personally and is still asking about all that money. These memories bubbled up as an election is a month away, and we watch a respected jurist twist in the wind. Why would anyone want the abuse?

Great Tampa Bay, politics and other stuff:


1. Talk about wanting your cake and eating it too. Democrats pout and hold their breath until they get an FBI investigation. After it blows holes in their witch hunt, they suddenly don’t like it.

2. It’s been reported that celebs like Hillary Clinton and the Obamas will line up behind gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum down the stretch. He could still win despite that.

3. You’ve no doubt heard from Spectrum that they are going all digital. Translation: they have come up with another scheme to remove money from your pocket.

4. Space News from the 5:05 Newsletter: NASA is considering selling naming rights to rockets and spacecraft. I get that NASA needs cash, but I think corporate sponsorship might have changed the moon landing. “That's one small step for man, one comfortable leap thanks to Dr. Scholl's Insoles.”

5. The 5:05 Newsletter piece above opens up other opportunities for a cash-strapped NASA – have the astronaut’s space suits channel NASCAR drivers with Boeing, Honeywell, Dr. Scholl’s and, of course, Tang patches.


Sports, the media and other stuff:



6. TBS lost what little credibility they have with baseball fans last Sunday. With dream games that would decide division championships in both the NL Central and West, they opted for a meaningless Yankee-Red Sox game. TBS should stick to Friends and Seinfeld reruns.

7. You saw his post season picks last week, but we took a moment to look back at baseball prognosticator par excellence Achmed Walled’s (pronounced Wall-ed) pre-season picks (TBRR 3/25/18). He correctly predicted eight of the ten play-off teams. As our wizard of odds is fond of saying: “not bad”.

8. What quarterback controversy? With the Bucs defense playing the way they played against a mediocre Bear’s offense, they could start Johnny Unitas or Bart Starr at quarterback, and it wouldn’t make any difference.

9. Remember when Monday Night Football was must see TV with Hank and Frank and Dandy and Howard. Despite some good contests like last week’s KC-Denver game, the appeal just isn’t there, even with the welcome return of Hank.

10. Factoid: Orville Wright first flew in 1903. Forty-one years later, he piloted, although briefly, his last aircraft – a Lockheed Constellation. He commented that the wingspan of the “Connie” was longer than his initial flight.


Not a happy time for a few major league managers


Anaheim, Baltimore, Cincy, Minnesota, Texas and Toronto are all looking for new managers. There are a lot of seasoned names out there like Farrell, Girardi and we think Jeff Banister, late of the Rangers, deserves another chance, although clubs tend to allow a fired manager to “cool off” before making a hire like that. One of the best minds in baseball, Buck Showalter could probably have another job if he wants it, but we question whether he does. A couple managers who did less than sterling jobs will probably be retained because of their “newness”. Davy Garcia’s Nats were prohibitive favorites to win the NL East and while the Phils were not, their astounding collapse from division leaders on August 1 to under .500 by season’s end (something that never happened in history) does not bode well for Gabe Kapler whose team basically quit on him in September. Both will have a short leash in ’19.

Next Week: Coda to strong mayor debate; the Flagship; Verizon heads offshore



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