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Tampa Bay Rants And Raves



Countdown to an important Florida primary


Most of us have already cast our ballots in next week’s primary. But if you haven’t, shame on you – unless, of course, you are like some folks who don’t feel like they voted unless they actually show up at the polls on Election Day. For us, it lost its luster when you could no longer pull a lever. So you know how long it’s been since your humble blogger actually went to the polls. This year Florida elects three of its most important positions – Governor, U.S. Senator and Attorney General. All are hotly contested and remember a majority is not needed in Florida primaries so there is no second chance to decide your party’s candidates.


Great Tampa Bay, politics and stuff:


1. So Senator Nelson let us try to understand this. You charge Russian interference in Florida’s election process. You offer no proof, saying it’s classified. So, if it’s classified, why did you bring it up in a public forum? Dementia perhaps?

2. We hope the State Attorney charging Michael Drejka with manslaughter will be at least a small step to quelling what has become a shooting gallery in the bay area and the state of Florida in general. And by the way, was the slain man’s girlfriend ever assessed the $255 fine that comes with willfully violating handicapped parking restrictions – the illegal act that started this tragic chain of events?

3. We in the bay area are going through what is traditionally the hottest time of year –the first three weeks of August which will explain the rather large check you’ll be writing to Duke Power or Tampa Electric next month.

4. Ya gotta love State Senate candidate Leo Karruli. With absolutely no platform except a handful of platitudes, his strategy is to rip his GOP opponent who has a platform plus a notable track record. Anything over 35 percent for Karruli will be an upset.

5. It’s never too early for the 5:05 Newsletter to look ahead to the 2020 election: “The New York Post reported that Hillary Clinton is considering a run for the Democratic nomination for president again in two years. There are pros and cons. Hillary Clinton does have tremendous name recognition, and if she can overcome that, she could win the nomination”.


Sports, the media and other stuff:


6. Fishing off the gulf coast is taking a double hit these days with water temperatures just below the boiling point and now traces of red tide showing up in the area.

7. Watching the Little League playoffs reminds us that Joey Jay of the Braves and Reds was the first Little Leaguer to make it to the major leagues when he debuted in 1953. He would later have back to back 21-win seasons with the Reds.

8. America said goodbye to its Queen of Soul last week with the passing of 76-year-old Aretha Franklin.

9. Idle thought – what if you had to attach just a word or two to a presidency? Some thoughts that occurred to us: FDR – great war, Eisenhower – interstates, Kennedy – space, Lincoln – freedom, Truman – plainspoken and Reagan – communicator.

10. This week’s best player/pitcher segment (see back story TBRR 3/25) deals with the storied Boston Red Sox franchise. The Boston fans made it easy for us as far as the player is concerned. In two separate polls, 1969 and 1982, the Bosox fans voted Ted Williams the greatest Red Sox player of all time. On the pitching side, there have been some good ones but three-time Cy Young winner (two of them with the Sox) Pedro Martinez pretty much laps the field.


Look quick, the Bucs are undefeated in the regular season


Forget about bad boy Jameis Winston’s three game suspension, his presence wouldn’t make any difference. It’s a pretty solid bet the Bucs will open the regular season 0-3 or 1-2 at best. They take on the Saints in New Orleans, and then home games against two powerhouses – the Super Bowl champ Eagles and the always tough Steelers. Week four brings some relief – the Bears, but in Chicago. The only other cupcake on their schedule is Cleveland. Last year’s 5-11 record might look like a high water mark come December.

Up next: MLB with a month to go, new guy at the county, Sweden House



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