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Tampa Bay Rants And Raves





Putnam is GOP’s only choice


It’s hard to imagine anyone but Gwen Graham emerging from the Democratic gubernatorial primary. As the only female candidate in a crowded field, she will win. Does it mean she is the most qualified candidate? Not by a long shot. Her main attribute remains her last name. But here’s where it gets tricky. Virtually every poll shows her defeating Donald Trump-backed Ron DeSantis in the general election. Conversely, the vast majority of polls show her losing to Adam Putnam. So, if you want another Graham in the Governor’s Mansion hosting teas for Planned Parenthood, vote for Trump’s boy. If you want ready to govern, conservative leadership for our state, we need to nominate Adam Putnam.


Great Tampa Bay, politics and stuff:


1. Related to our lead item, a quote from “Florida’s Best Newspaper” in their endorsement last week: Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam knows Florida, and he is as well-prepared as any candidate in memory to move into the Governor's Mansion. We certainly hope they remember that come November.

2. When you think of outstanding public safety officials in Pinellas’ past, three of the names that come to mind are Fire Chief Peter Treola, Sheriff Don Genung and Clearwater Police Chief Willis Booth. Booth, who served for over a decade as Clearwater top cop, died earlier this month at age 92.

3. Idle thought - whether you agree or disagree with their endorsements, shouldn’t our local sheriffs stay the hell out of politics and just do their jobs? Although we must admit we concur with politician/sheriff Bob Gualtieri when he suggested some travel plans for Al Sharpton.

4. Many of us who have swung a hammer for Habitat for Humanity have been put off by their sale of home mortgages to a company notorious for their aggressive tactics towards their mortgagees along with flipping of homes for profits. It’s a black eye for an otherwise noble organization.

5. You’ve lived in the bay area a long time if you shopped at Kash and Karry Supermarkets which became Sweetbay which was folded in Winn Dixie. Making the story even more confusing, the original Kash and Karry in Plant City was first named Big Barn!


Sports, media and other stuff:


6. Again the rumors begin to swirl about a possible Alex Trebek retirement from Jeopardy in a year and half. To some, he’s an institution; to many others he’s a pompous twit. At one time, a leading replacement candidate was Matt Lauer. Guess that’s not going to happen.

7. The so-called Rice Commission has made it clear – college basketball and, worse, high school basketball will become nothing more than a farm system for the NBA. The Commission needed to go the other way and eliminate one and dones. Sadly, they failed.

8. Earlier this summer (TBRR 6/24), we recognized David Wright as the all-time career Met. Now, we are happy to report he is beginning a rehab assignment in the minors after playing just 75 games for the Mets since 2015 due to injuries. It would be great to see him back

9. We mentioned last week the Hall of Fame now contains two #1 draft picks – Ken Griffey and Chipper Jones. Incredibly, since the draft began in 1965, three #1 picks retired without even having a cup of coffee in the big leagues.

10. In our week to week ranking of each franchise’s best players (back story TBRR 3/25), the alphabet rolls around to the home town team – the Tampa Bay Rays – one of two teams in MLB with the shortest history. Obviously no Hall of Famers to pull from, but the top position player is a pretty easy choice – recently departed Evan Longoria leads the team in virtually every offensive category – doubles, homers, RBIs and runs scored to name a few. On the pitching side, and this could change in another year or two, it’s a close race between wins leader James Shields and ERA leader David Price. Price only had five fewer wins than Shields and better ERA and WHIP, so the nod goes to him.


Channel 13: the best way to start a morning:


If you want morning news, you have the choice of the painted on smiles at Channels 8, 10 and 28 plus the continuous tape loop on Bay News 9. Then there are the folks at Channel 13 – real people like Walter Allen, Jennifer Epstein, Laura Moody, Dave Osterberg, Russell Rhodes, and their Everyman – Charlie Belcher. They just seem like family or very close friends. There is banter and some humor yes, but when it comes to getting you the news, this team is without peer. Channel 13 has always had a strong news reputation since their founding in 1955 and their current morning team has done nothing but enhance that respectability.


UP NEXT: Presidencies in a word; strong mayor won’t go away; Bosox best



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