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Tampa Bay Rants And Raves

WEEK OF JULY 29, 2018



Rick Baker – timing is everything


Somewhere former St. Pete Mayor Rick Baker has to be punching walls and overturning water coolers as Mayor Rick Kriseman’s administration continues to unravel. It’s just one hot mess after another. Timing is everything and if the election were held tomorrow, Baker would leave Kriseman in his dust. Unfortunately for Baker, most of this happened after the election. Will we hear from Baker again on the political front? Hard to say, he’s pretty bright, although not all that likeable a guy.


Great Tampa Bay, politics and stuff:


1. The family involved in the tragic shooting in Clearwater has hired attorney Ben Crump who represented the family of Trayvon Martin in Florida’s highest profile “stand your ground case”. Shouldn’t they hire an attorney who actually prevailed in such a case?

2. Tax free weekend is coming up – let the shopping begin!

3. The best fifty cent investment of the year – the stamp you put on your absentee ballot for next month’s primary.

4. Speaking of the primary, before you jump on the Ashley Moody for Attorney General band wagon, take a hard look at her stance on abortion. Frank White, on the other hand, is a staunch pro-life candidate.

5. Breaking Justice Department news from the 5:05 Newsletter: According to a report released by the Justice Department's internal watchdog, former FBI director James Comey used a personal Gmail account on numerous occasions to conduct FBI business. When she heard that, Hillary Clinton punched a wall so hard the building collapsed.


Sports, media and stuff:


6. Hate to see Jonny Venters go. He was the feel good story of the year after four years of inactivity due to injuries. We’re happy for him that he’s returning to Atlanta where he made his mark as an unhittable set-up man.

7. We’re sure we’ll be proven wrong, but as of now, it doesn’t seem like any major league team has added a ‘difference maker’ for the stretch drive.

8. The “Uggla-ist” regular season performance by a position player is about to be erased. Braves’ second baseman Dan Uggla hit an all-time low (for a regular player) .179 back in 2003. Orioles’ first baseman Chris Davis is chugging along at a .158 pace as of this writing.

9. Idle thought – thinking back to Miss Ketchum’s fifth grade class at Skycrest Elementary where the day began with the pledge and a short Bible reading. Today, just think what would happen….

10. Our all-time players/pitchers series (back story TBRR 3/25/18) heads to the Steel City. Your humble blogger grew up in Pittsburgh before migrating down to Atlanta Braves territory, but we’ve been watching the hometown team for decades and picking their greatest player is a cinch. He is also the greatest Latin American player to ever suit up – Roberto Clemente. His incredible gap to gap power and the best arm to ever patrol right field make him a no brainer pick. The Pirates have been a team known for hitters rather than pitchers over the years but one man stands out – he saved 188 games while also winning 100 including an incredible 18-1 record in 1959 – a winning percentage record that still stands today. Roy Face was the prototype of the modern reliever in the 1950s with his unhittable forkball.


Times’ Carlton – don’t bother me with the facts


We don’t ever mention the Times’ Sue Carlton because, frankly, she never writes anything worth mentioning. But her recent characterization of Rotary International as some sort of frat house cannot go unchallenged. Rotary is a century-old organization spanning over a hundred countries involving outstanding men and women. It’s done little things like wiping out polio world-wide, providing sustainable potable water systems to needy countries and tens of thousands of local projects. To characterize Rotary as some sort of good old boys’ organization is completely unprofessional and irresponsible.

UP NEXT: MLB at the 2/3 mark; parking scofflaws; parks and rec mess


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